The POWER of Light

Fibre Optic Lighting

The POWER of Light…

Light can soothe, excite, stimulate, calm, create focus, or create frustration, can alter moods and productivity. Light can create feelings of welcome, feelings of anticipation, and feelings of awe. We are in the business of LIGHT. We have been so for many years, since 1985 in fact!

Light can be incorporated into small items, like endoscopes and used with optical components and light guides, or it can be the main feature itself- made with purpose, using LED’s or Fibre Optics, to create and inspire…to build, to invite and to lead.

We would consider ourselves leaders in the fibre optic lighting industry. Our highly skilled production base in Doncaster, along with our dedicated HQ in Essex, we cover the UK and Europe, assisting with their lighting projects- from retails displays, museums, children’s centres, bars, clubs, hotel lobbys, to over swimming pools, bedroom lighting, hallway features, spa lighting, and many more.

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Star Ceiling Installation – Click here to view the video.